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360° VR Animation

360° VR Animation


Melody of Life is a spring 2017 animation project at Carnegie Mellon University,

Entertainment Technology Center.

The Story

Melody of Life is a 360º animated short that tells the story of Manny, a doll who comes to life and goes on a journey to find where he belongs. On his travels, he encounters three dolls from three different countries—India, Ghana, and Brazilwhose dances he attempts to learn. In the end, he has a bit of each of them in him, and proceeds to do a unique dance that is all his own.

The Project

  • Team size: 6 people

  • Duration: 15 weeks

  • Cultural dances: Indian, Ghanaian, Brazilian

  • Motion Capture animation pipeline for all dances and animation

  • 4 dancers were recruited to choreograph the dance

  • Role: Model, texture, VFX

Full Animation



Role: Character artist, texture artist, AE VFX, troubleshooter,...etc

  • Designed, modeled and textured the cultural dolls

  • Using PBR workflow, textured all objects in the workshop space

  • Created the VFX to lead the viewer's attention in the finale

  • Post composited Maya render in Nuke

WIP snapshots

For more information, Mocap animation pipeline, 360° sound design, playtest for VR design...,

please see our promo video and  visit our development blog!