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AR Museum Tour


Shared from my #HoloLens.

mixAR is a research project experimenting the use of agent in an augmented reality space.

Design Goals

  • Create a museum tour guide experience in Microsoft Hololens

  • Playtest people's reaction to a virtual character with different roles and personalities.

  • Use AI behaviorial tree to design various character personalities

  • Compare the use of AR agent in a museum tour experience with traditional tour guide

The Project

  • Team size: 4

  • Duration: 15 weeks

  • Technology used: Microsoft Hololens

  • Space: The history display hall in Electronic Art

  • Role: Interaction Design, Character Design, Model, Texture, Animation, Branding Design

My Contributions

  • As sole artist, designed, modeled, and animated Mixy, the virtual guide to lead the viewer through the experience.

  • Built animation database that is easily integratable to our AI behaviorial tree, to fast prototype different personalities.

  • Created branding material, including logo, poster and half sheet.

Mixy welcomes the guest

Mixy welcomes the guest

Animation tests

Designing in Microsoft Hololens


  • Extremely confined Field of View (FOV) --around a4 size of workable image overlay and 30 cm of z axis to the viewer

  • Better to design around the pan view because the head-mount device doesn't like vertical movement

  • Consider the physical space for mapping--look for horizontal platforms as markers

  • Minimum facial animation with maximum personality expression

For more information regarding AI behaviorial tree establishment, personality design, 

Please check the CMU press coverage and our development blog!