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Responsive web design for pet adoption matchmaking platform


Tool Used

Project Brief

  • Goal: Design a hassle-free pet adoption solution that helps with current pet adopting pipeline.

  • Role: Researcher, Experience designer, UI designer, Visual Designer

  • Time: 2 weeks

Research—Identifying the problem

Field trip to a local shelter

I started the research by going to a local facility and talking with the lady about their problems. Colony Cat is a local adoption center that achieved zero-kill for several years. When I visited, there are roughly 60 cats in the same space, and hundreds more in foster homes and other adoption sites.

Pain Points for Adoption Centers

Colony Cat has a lot of visitors daily but with a lower-than-desired conversion rate to adoption. For them, they hope to find a solution for these problems:

  • Educate people to adopt pets instead of buying from breeders.

  • Encourage volunteers and foster homes for higher placement rate.

  • Gain more donation for animal necessities such as food, health monitoring and logistics.


After talking with adoption center and people who are considering owning a pet, I have put together of a user persona:

The persona portrays a potential pet adopter’s motivations and frustrations when trying out adoption services.

Normally, people are concern about the sanitation of the shelter and fear there might be health issues afterwards. When looking for their ideal pet, they hope to be able to see clear pictures so they can compare. They are also frustrated by the trouble to run many places to find their dream pet. If the adoption shelter can’t satisfy their needs, they will look for friends to see if there are adoptable pets, or even consider buying from breeders.


Product Road Map

In response to these frustrations, the design goals are to create a website that serves the following needs:

  1. Help people find their ideal pet easily

  2. Adoption process should be as easy as possible

  3. Encourage share, donation and other rescue assistance.