Flora's Design



The CMU 2016 spring project, surThrive created a PC-based game, "Pause" that uses collage of multimedia to explore the misconception of disaster victims.
The playable experience you ended with evokes a strong emotional response in anyone who plays it.
There are some really great moments that are packaged in a very artistic and unique way.
— Jessica Hammer, Human Computer Interaction Institute, CMU
Poster Design by me

Poster Design by me

Design Goals

  • Create an artistic experience that displays a spectrum of metaphors, built around the topic of disaster
  • Analyze each designs, explain the reason why or why not the message get across.
  • Game design process is documented and researched by HCII, CMU
  • Summarize our findings of do’s and don’t’s in taking an artistic/alternative route for future ETC projects


  • Team: 5 people
  • Duration: 15 Weeks
  • Technology: PC with non-traditional media player interface as game control
  • In collaboration with Human Computer Interaction Institute (HCII), CMU

My Contribution

  • As internal producer, managed the production process using agile
  • As artist, designed the branding materials including poster, half sheet and logo
  • Designed various levels/challenges for the game